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MILTON GLASER’S LOVERFrom a creative and highly imaginative author, Marsha Ross, comes an eloquent, erotic and extremely engrossing poetic anthology in MILTON GLASER’S LOVER. This book unravels the mystery of love and life and the many complexities that come in between. It also poses the equivocal idea of how far one is willing to go in finding true love and genuine happiness.

Brimming with pure human emotions and poignant tales of romance and passion, this book definitely reveals some of the author’s compelling and enthralling poetry collection that showcase the different facets of how it is to fall in love, to become enslaved with pain and misery and to feel the sheer bliss of finding inner strength and beauty.

Skillfully written, highly imaginative and extremely interesting, MILTON GLASER’S LOVER is truly a creative and elegiac volume like no other. Young, middle-aged, elderly, non-professional and professional—can identify with or relate to with the book’s perfectly woven and enigmatic verses.

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